Sunwah Kingsway Vietnam differentiates itself by having an established base of international investors unrivaled by peer firms

Photo by Hồ Phương Chi


Corporate Finance / Capital Markets

Sunwah Kingsway Vietnam offers a full complement of financial advisory and capital raising services to a diversified corporate client base in Hong Kong and Vietnam. Further sharpening our competitive edge, we are pleased to offer our clients strong international reach through affiliate offices in North America and a deal origination and execution platform that extends worldwide.


Sunwah Kingsway’s corporate finance and equity capital markets units function in an integrated manner to to create solid value. We work strategically with our clients to efficiently facilitate a variety of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, financings, public offerings and many other advisory mandates. Our customized and timely services are the product of seamless coordination with our institutional sales, brokerage and research teams. We leverage the organization’s international presence, distribution capabilities and our reputation, derived from our 25-year track record, in pursuit of capital markets excellence.  


Asset Management

Sunwah Kingsway has an established track record for investing in promising, pre-IPO and non-public entities through targeted pools of capital.  Our current and historical activities include partnering with reputable multinationals to enhance their asset management capabilities and indirectly provide our shareholders with access to unique investment opportunities.

To capitalize on Vietnam’s growth, remain optimally competitive, and create a more stable income base, Sunwah Kingsway is currently pursuing various opportunities to extend our focus and include managed and private equity funds.

Sunwah Kingsway’s asset management business further sharpens Sunwah Kingsway’s competitive edge. As a globally-focused mid-market player, our proven private equity experience acts as another corporate development channel through which we can offer our clients a broader range of innovative, top-quality financial solutions.


Proprietary Investments

A key element of Sunwah Kingsway’s business involves using our own funds for direct investment in quality businesses, enabling our investors to indirectly participate in promising opportunities that are generally only available to institutions and high net worth individuals. In line with our strategy and core strengths, we target pre-IPO and non-public entities with a predominant focus on key growth sectors of the Asian economy.

A large portion of Sunwah Kingsway’s growth over the last twenty years has been funded by the organization’s strategic  investment efforts. As the company continues forward under the Sunwah brand, we expect these solid returns to continue alongside the steady growth of our capital markets activities.